Annual Party of Love!

It’s that time of year again… party time! Come celebrate our new Little Sister.

Treats. Drinks. Raffle. Dancing. 60’s bubble gum pop by DJ Sue.
Raffle prizes will include lots of fun hair prizes along with the very coveted “Free Hair for a Year” grand prize. (*must be present to win!)

Thank you!!

A special Thank You to Culture Map Austin for including us in their Essential List of Austin’s Best for Health & Beauty in 2016!

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Our New Salon

I Love You Pink has opened its 2nd location!!!

We thought of it like our little sister so we decided to name it just that.

is now open.

Located at the gateway to downtown (South 1st and Ben White). She takes care of all the southies and westies of Austin.

Her focus is: fun colors, barbering, bleach work, dry cuts.

Check her out!

Tuesday – Saturday 10a-6p

3715 S. 1st Street, Unit C, 78704

Video by Lisa Munoz



Send resumes, head shots, portfolios, websites, and/or any social stuff to!!



Come celebrate our 5th annual party of luv!

Thursday, February 12th, 2015 from 6-9pm.
There will be champagne fountains, tarot, music, love & laughter!



For the first time ever, the girls of Northern Afghanistan have an outdoor place to call their own. Skateistan was recently able to break ground on an outdoor skate plaza for all their students!!


We had the esteemed pleasure of working with Gabriella Ainsley, By George‘s new retail manager, and talented photograper, Jackie Young, at their recent Winter photoshoot! We just had to take a couple of sneak peek pictures!!
Hair & Makeup by Farah Reid




RUNSEROur Friend and I Love You Pink client, Megan Runser, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma. Megan is such a positive and lovely lady and we wanted to try and help out however we possibly can. Fortunately, her wonderful friends and family have created a fundraiser page to assist with her medical costs that are not covered by insurance. 100% of donations will be given directly to Megan. Any money raised that is not used for Megan’s medical bills will be donated to research or a non-profit.

You can help Megan kick cancer’s butt here.

If you feel like sending her some virtual love, please hashtag any photos or messages with #Mantras4Megan which you can share on the I Love You Pink Facebook Page and thanks for sending her good vibes.

To keep up with her progress, please visit her here.

In the meantime and to help you get to know her a little bit better, we asked her the same 10 questions we ask of all of our Client Love features:

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Before I go to bed every night, I play this weird game – purely for my own personal amusement – to select a different song as my alarm ringer the following morning. So every morning I get a lil’ surprise and my own personal version of “name that tune.” Bizarre, I know. Recent fave includes Lil’ Jon’s “Turn Down For What” – YOU try having a bad day when those jams are the first sounds you hear! Beyond that strange habit, I have always been a huge fan of getting an early workout in before most people are even awake. Sign me up for a 6 am heart pounding spin class, sweaty yoga flow, or a kickin’ pilates reformer class. As my working out has recently become limited to leisurely neighborhood strolls, I’ve been replacing morning sweat sessions with meditation. A dear friend just gifted me a davidji CD that I’ve been busting out, and I’m quickly realizing this should be a mandatory piece of every homo sapien’s daily routine. I feel like a different person when I start my day out with even 5 minutes of meditating… throw some morning yoga in there and BAM! super hero powers abound for at least the next 24 hours.

I just moved into a wondrous historic home atop a hill in Clarksville – you just cannot beat this neighborhood. The fact that I can walk to Whole Foods for each meal is so dangerous and awesome all at the same time (I missed the domestic gene so cooking meals doesn’t really fall onto my radar). I moved here about 2 months ago from a high rise downtown where every day it sounded like Kanye West was having a live DJ set in my living room – I am so grateful for the peaceful and cool neighborhood vibe my new hood offers. Plus the gnarly hills aren’t too shabby for walking either!

Every morning as a kid waiting for the school bus in Houston. I remember spending no less than 20 minutes in front of the mirror trying to achieve the perfect hot dog curl for my bangs using the teeniest curling iron ever – only to step outside in the oasis of Houston humidity and have them go haywire in approximately 0.33 seconds flat (pun intended). More recently though, I had a quick brush experimenting with grey hair color – on my skin it looked far more like Estelle Getty than Lady Gaga. The best part was I had to fly straight out on a business trip after going grey and met a huge team of coworkers for the first time with this mane of silvery hair. I think they are still scratching their heads wondering if I’m the female version of Benjamin Button.

Concerts – especially ACL – I turn into a different person for some reason. While most locals cringe when it comes time for the 3 day music fest to breeze into town, my Type A, uber planner, perfectionist, 4.0 GPA, OCD Megan goes out the window and this carefree spirit emerges instead (I prefer to picture this as one of those beautiful hippie models in a Free People catalog). I lived in Chicago and NYC for years and saw my fair share of shows in amazing big city venues, but nothing compares to listening to good music at a good ol’ Austin, Texas outdoor show.

Boozy dinners with great friends. Nothing makes me happier than to sit around a table with my favorite people, eat delicious food, drink way too much wine (…or tequila… or vodka martinis…or champagne…or some combination thereof) and laugh the night away. There are few people that can truly illicit a candid eruption of laughter from me, but man when it happens – watch out. I inherited what I affectionately call the “cackle” from my mom – quite the auditory spectacle when you enhance its volume with cocktails. Oh, and I think listening to stand up comedy on road trips should make the cut. There have been times I’ve had to pull my car over when listening to Jim Gaffigan or Louis CK because my eyes close from laughing so furiously. PS I also love spaghettios and meatballs. Judge away.

MD Anderson is about a 1 hour drive from my mom’s house so we’ve been making “chemo pep rally” playlists to get positive vibes flowing en route to the hospital. Sam Smith is pretty much on repeat – his voice is bananas (read aloud in the voice of Rachel Zoe), and I stand by my hypothesis that he is somehow related to Boy George. As of late, I’ve been expanding my poor mom’s horizons with old school rap (A Tribe Called Quest, UGK) and peaceful folk-y covers of random hits (Jenny Owen Young’s cover of Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” is so ridiculously awesome
and any cover by Birdy I just die for). Not sure she shares my love for this genre!

I’d say the entire West Campus area. I nearly cried when I returned to Austin after so many years living out of Texas and returned to see the astounding level of commercialization that happened. I have so many fond memories as an undergrad at UT and seeing places like my beloved Grande Mart on Rio Grande knocked down and replaced by high-rise apartments makes me oh-so- sad. Of course there are still pieces that remain, but I certainly miss seeing it the way I experienced it and lovingly remember those transformative years.

Staying true to my authentic self. That sounds oh-so-Miss America, but man – I’ve gained so much confidence over the years from trusting my gut. Looking back, I don’t know which I value more — the high points that resulted from these types of decisions or learning from mistakes made along the way. It is a scary thing to do and often makes those around you question your sanity and logic, but letting the thoughts and dreams in my head come to life has proven to be pretty rad.

Currently my bedside table is covered in cards from the outpouring of love from friends, family, acquaintances, and even strangers offering support and encouragement after learning of my diagnosis. I’ve always been a strong and independent gal, but there is definitely something to be said for allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to accept the strength and courage from others in times of need. I wake up to see this beautiful sea of notes next to me and happily leap out of bed with a smile on my face ready to take on the day. Even amid these less than stellar circumstances, I feel so much gratitude for the incredible support system of friends near and far.

The Best Hairstyles of the 2014 World Cup

Athletes are no strangers to great hair. These men and women have been showcasing their hair for years and for many it contributes to their legacy. What comes to mind when you think of Dennis Rodman? Okay, maybe that he was a great athlete, but for me Rodman’s everchanging technicolor hair sticks out. The World Cup is in full swing down in Rio. Matches are being played and aired all day during this month long extravaganza.

If I did the math right (and no guarantees) there are 32 countries with teams playing in Brazil with 23 players each we are looking at about 736 heads of hair or for some, no hair. The bald head is ubiquitous in sports and I imagine it is extremely practical when the sweat and dirt combine out there on the field. But some of these amazing soccer players aren’t as committed to functionality, and those are the players that we want to highlight. It’s those soccer players working really hard for their country’s team all while maintaining a fabulous hairstyle.

With only a few matches left, let’s look at some of the standout looks:

John Boye, Ghana #21


John is a fan of bleach. Sometimes there are symmetrical bleached stripes, sometimes just one, or sometimes he has fun shapes like above.

Yasuhito Endo, Japan #7


Yasuhito, off the field, wears a Beiber-like hairstyle. While playing he attempts to keep it in place with a tiny elastic headband, sometimes resulting in even funnier styles.

Next, the mohawk. There are variations of it on every team.

Nabil Ghilas, Algeria #9


He pulls his wide updated mohawk into a tiny ponytail sometimes looking like Pebbles Flintstone.

Arturo Vidal, Chile #8


Chile’s midfielder is a fan of the clippers. His mohawk is outlined and has a gradation effect.

Die Serey: Cote d’Ivoire #20


He likes his mowhawk bleached.

Raul Meireles, Portugal #16


Raul is rocking the ever-trendy full beard with his mohawk. Spartan helmet anyone?

Kyle Beckerman, USA #15


One word: Tarzan.

The host-team Brazil has some great fros and curls that exhibit their loyalty to their country and their hair:

David Luiz, Brazil #4


Willian, Brazil #19


Marcelo, Brazil #6


Andrea Pirlo, Italy #21

Italy Training & Press Conference - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

With those luscious waves and that beard, Pirlo looks like a bonafide member of the Stark family.

Lastly, and by that I mean most importantly for us, ladies:

Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal #7

Soccer: World Cup-USA vs Portugal

Cristiano has the haircut that a lot of men are asking their stylists for right now. It’s a close crop on the sides with enough length at the top to style. A modern pompadour. And he looks real good wearing it. He often has little lines or designs cut into the side for a little extra spice.

And a shout-out to Spain’s coach, Vicente Del Bosque, for that rad Magnum P.I. mustache.


We love our family!


My little brother, Jeremy Minten, is premiering his first ever movie at Alamo Drafthouse south on Tuesday, July 15th at 9:00 pm.


My little sister, Noelle Mastelotto, from Pink West and I did the hair and special FX makeup (lots of blood!) for the film.

Come check it out; it’s open to the public!!

Hugs and Kisses,

What have we been up to?

Introducing the first of our new color series classes: Perfect Bleach Retouch!!!!
This short video gives a very quick step by step visual on how to perform an absolute perfect bleach retouch every time.

Click here for step-by-step instructions:
  1. Mix 1 1/2 part 20 vol creme developer to 1 part lightener(conditioning bleach) equaling 120grams.
  2. Apply by laying the product on only the new growth, start at the center of the head.
  3. Take thin, horizontal sections and apply thickly down one side of the head. Then proceed to the other, leaving the fine hairline out. The application should end up as one large section in the shape of an oval diamond.
  4. Apply to hairline with the utmost delicate touch. 😉
  5. Process for 10 min with cap on.
  6. Check with large sections going the opposite way as applied to catch any missed spots or “holidays” and apply product if needed. Be careful not to fuss the hair too much or over apply. The trick is to get it all on the initial application.
  7. Cap on and process for 7 minutes(level 10 – 15 minutes, level 12).
  8. Shampoo and tone for desired shade.

So fun, right???

WE LOVE OUR CLIENTS: Julie Stevenson

juliesmJulie Stevenson has had a few careers, she worked in management with IBM for over 20 years before moving into her second career raising her two children to becoming involved in non-profit work with her husband. She is the founder of A Day to Shine, an annual Austin fashion event featuring high school models, which raises awareness of and funds for dating abuse prevention programs in Central Texas. Julie also serves on the Board of Directors for Any Baby Can, an Austin agency that serves the youngest, poorest, and sickest children in our community.

In high school, she was one of the top 5 finalists for Miss Teenage Jacksonville; in college she distinguished herself as President of Panhellenic, President of Mortarboard, and was Homecoming Queen for Florida State University. Julie is a mother of two; a daughter who is in medical school and a son who graduated from Baylor and now works in Austin at a private investment firm.

The seventh annual A Day to Shine will be held on Saturday, April 12th, 2014 at the Westin Domain. This year, A Day to Shine will benefit Expect Respect, a program of SafePlace.

I Love You Pink interviews Julie Stevenson:

“I let the dogs out (we have two huskies and a standard poodle who tear down the stairs in the morning). Then the dogs go back to bed until my husband is ready to get up. A lot of mornings, my husband and I have breakfast out, usually at Waterloo Ice House where we have spent so much time, it is like walking into the sitcom “Cheers”. They even put up a Christmas stocking with our names on it.”

“We live in a small enclave of homes that is a great and well-kept secret. It is private except when something happens to a neighbor, then everyone gets involved and responds to help.”

“I received electric rollers for Christmas in the 8th grade and was excited to use them for the first time on New Year’s Eve to get ready for a big dance. My hair is way too curly for electric rollers. After the tears that fell when I saw the resulting tightly wound curls, I had to wash it and start all over again. I never used electric curlers again.”

“Wish I could say it was Town Lake or one of Austin’s wonderful outdoor areas. It is actually my home because we are so busy at times. I love our home and to be able to stay home, all alone and just do what I want, that is an escape.”

“Blue Bell Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream. I love ice cream. One scoop never is enough. It stems from happy childhood memories when my dad and I had a BOWL of ice cream every night.”

“Anything country and currently watching the Voice. Love the dynamics between the judges.”

“Hank Haney Driving Range, which became the concrete around the Galleria shopping areas, and soon, I am afraid, Lions Golf Course in West Austin. I also miss The Filling Station on Barton Springs and Red Bud Grill in Westlake.”

“The thought of making a difference for someone. I turn 60 this year and that is the first age number that has affected me. I want to be significant at 60, smart at 60, self-aware at 60, spirited at 60, sensitive at 60 and stimulated at 60. I don’t want to be slow, satisfied, sad or silent at 60. And I would like to be cute – but that doesn’t start with an S.”

“Always a couple of books in case I am not in the mood for one or if I finish one during the night; a flashlight for reading in the dark so I don’t wake my husband and a glass of tea.”


Interview & Photography by: Lisa Munoz / Social Communications for I Love You Pink


nicoleMeet Nicole Labry.

Nicole is a native Austinite and mom to two precious kiddos. Originally a graphic designer, seeking change and inspiration, she used her graphic skills to design and produce a children’s clothing line, ADORBZ. Adorbz is not only cute, it’s also very practical and functional for your little ones.

If that wasn’t enough she has also recently decided to open a fabric store in North/Central Austin on Lower Burnet Rd. The Cloth Pocket is a super cute new shop that will serve all of your modern quilting and crafting fabric needs with some apparel grade fabrics as well. The Cloth Pocket is located at 5448 Burnet Road in the same complex as the Singer Sewing Shop.

I Love You Pink interviews Nicole LaBry:

“Depending on whether I have the kids, I either feed and clothe three people or just the one. When I’m alone, I like to read emails in bed before I make it to the kitchen for coffee, and a chocolate protein shake or smoothie. And facial moisturizer! I can leave the house in bedclothes, but not without lotion!”

“It’s been forgotten about, and I kind of like that. People have no idea where I’m talking about when I say I live in Highland, but the houses are from the 40s, the train to downtown stops three blocks from my house, and the property taxes are totally reasonable. Also, we have a monopoly on incredible Asian food of all kinds!”

“Back in middle school before I knew Farah I had an undercut for like 2 years. A girl. With an undercut. Because… hello, late 80s.”

“My reset button gets pushed every time with a good walk around Town Lake. I’m aware it’s changed names, but I can’t seem to get on board with calling it anything else, even though I find the homage highly appropriate!”

“Queso + beer for dinner. I mean, how gross when it comes down to it, but I was born here… I can’t help myself!”

“Glasser, Wye Oak, Daughter, ESG, !!!, Menomena, Yeasayer, Metronomy, Strfkr (Kind of all over the place)?”

“Unequivocally, the old treehouse on Barton Springs. It must have closed when I was a kid, but the location and design still fascinate me!”

“Getting back to what I didn’t quite finish the day before. There’s always something! I love completion- I guess it makes me feel accomplished. New ideas and bringing them to fruition just lights a fire under me. What’s next is always a driving force for me.”

“Sparkling water, way too many books, dark chocolate, phone + charger.”


Interview & Photography by: Lisa Munoz / Social Communications for I Love You Pink


amandaMeet Amanda Peters. Amanda is a native Austinite, actress, singer, dancer and burlesque champ. Her nickname is Blam.

Upcoming projects: You can catch her on March 6th at the 2014 Texas Hall of Fame Awards and after party as the diva of the evening, “Lady Luck”. For tickets to the awards ceremony, the after party or both, please click HERE. She appears in the second season of ‘Vicky & Lysander’ as Misfit, premiering February 1st. Check out the trailer HERE. and subscribe to the YouTube channel HERE. Following her stint as “Lady Luck”, she can be seen in New York at The Theater for the New City from May 15-18 where her co-founded, NYC-based arts collective, Ouroborus Co. puts up their latest work, a new opera project titled ‘Trust in the You of Now’. For more information, please click HERE.

I Love You Pink interviews Amanda Peters:

“I’m currently obsessed with coconut oil pulling. It takes a bit of getting used to but once I did, the benefits have been immediate and dramatic. The first thing I do when I wake up, even before brushing my teeth, is swish a tablespoon of organic coconut oil around in my mouth for as long as I can (I’m up to about 15 min). My skin is clearer, my teeth are whiter, my dentist says my gums have never been so healthy and my sinuses are much clearer. I’ll take all the sinus help I can get in the allergy capitol–Austin, Texas–check it out people!”

“I’m a lucky girl. I live part of the time in Venice Beach, Ca and part time here in Austin, my home town, in Clarksville. They are both extremely walkable ‘hoods, which I need and love after living in New York for so long. I never tire of the sights in either city. With the young, fresh energy of Austin and the Freak show capitol of the U.S.-the Venice Beach Boardwalk—neither are ever boring, always colorful and ever changing.”

“In High school I had one length hair almost to my waist that I would blow out and flat iron every day—-very Cousin It (I have a ton of hair), not to mention a huge pain in the ass. Also, a couple years ago, after a particularly lively Taco Tuesday party at around 3 am, I let my pals shave a whole side of my head to the skin—-the following morning was a little rough but I ended up loving it, dying it green and blue, shaving shapes into it and appreciating the extra air conditioning by the time ACL rolled around. I’m still growing it out but don’t regret it for a second!”

“I love to run all over this city—if I can manage it, for a couple hours at a time. I will always love long hill country drives with the windows down and getting lost in Book People.”

“I like my pleasure guilt free, thank you! I LOVE my Oribe products and going to see Sheera Rexroad for absolutely anything.”

“Disclosure, Father John Misty, Old Paul Simon and Jeff Buckley, my boys and locals Buggaboo’s new album (featuring the lovely vocal stylings of the talented I Love You Pink lady extraordinaire Georgia Bramhall!)–they’re about to blow up y’all-check it!…and that new Beyonce joint–da-damn that girl!”

“Lake Travis!!!—I grew up on that lake and miss the half of it that evaporated!!! It really breaks my heart to see it at such a level.”

“Honesty. Expression of the soul in any form. The new, The young, The old, The world.”

“Currently tackling Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace (that puppy is dense) with George Saunders stories and Pablo Neruda poems for a break and always new scripts.”


Interview & Photography by: Lisa Munoz / Social Communications for I Love You Pink

I Love You Pink Stylist & Make Up artist, Adrianne Lashley, goes to Sundance!
We are so proud and excited for our girl, Adrianne, as she has most recently been in Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. Two of the films she worked on this past year have been making waves and getting a lot of positive press at the fest.

HELLION – Adrianne was the Key Makeup Artist / special effects. The movie was filmed in Port Arthur, TX. Click here to visit the IMDB for Hellion.

OBVIOUS CHILD – Adrianne was a Hair and Makeup Artist. The movie was filmed in New York City, New York. Click here to visit the IMDB for Obvious Child.

Check out the images of Adrianne on the set and at Sundance Film Festival below!
Read More..

WE LOVE YOU: Laura Munoz / Aesthetician


I Love You Pink opened its doors in early 2013 and in such a short time, Stylist and Proprietor, Farah Reid has managed to gather together a wonderful mix of skilled ladies that all compliment each in pieces of this creative puzzle. The most recent addition is that of aesthetician, Laura Munoz. Her studies and training have led to a different approach to skincare. One that is more natural and healing.

We sat down to learn a little bit more about Laura and all that she brings to the shop.

What sparked your interest into the field of holistic skincare?

“My interest in skincare started from an early age. I basically became my family’s resident groomer, always the first to want to pick at any unsightly blemish or tweeze my sister’s brows. My love of product grew naturally from there and I realized about the age of 19 that I wanted to become an aesthetician. Fast forward 7 years, I had just completed my first year teaching high school English, and I decided that I wanted to pursue my first love of skincare and the healing use of botanicals for inflammatory conditions.”

How does the use of botanicals set your philosophy of skincare apart?

“I have a lot of varied interests and I have often wondered how I could bring them all together. It is finally in working directly with people and their skin that I have been able to tie in my background in horticulture and plant research and how they can be used to heal the body. Personally, I have a long history of my own journey with several inflammatory conditions. Throughout that I have learned all about botanicals and supplements and how to use alternative modalities in healing, rather than prescription medications to get my body to reduce inflammation. It’s been such an interesting thing to be able to bring that into working with people’s skin.
But, most importantly, I like to share with clients that a skincare routine does not have to be a chore. I want people to understand that they can and should take part in a beauty ritual, it’s good for the soul.”

It must be so exciting to work with such a creative group of women.

“Yes, I know! The ladies are so special and some of them have been friends of mine for a few years now and the ones that I have just met are so welcoming to me and I am super grateful that I get to spend time with them. Farah has also fixed up a lovely space for me to treat clients.”

How are you fitting into the groove and what things can we expect from you?

“I will be at the shop on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10a-6pm and I will be doing pretty much everything: I wax bodies from head to toe and waxing is something I really love; I am a very results oriented person, so I like watching something go from A to B quickly. That said I love doing eyelash extensions, so I’ll be providing those services as well, and as far as skincare is concerned; my focus is definitely working with inflammatory conditions. I was trained by the great Marisa Hernandez of Inventive Eco Organic and with her education I have developed a focus on deep pore cleansing and stimulation of the circulatory system, re-oxygenating the skin and bringing down inflammation, so that definitely plays into every treatment that I do when I touch the skin. I also have some fun new gadgets which provide excellent results. We have micro current with the NuFace device and we will be using the Ultrasonic exfoliation which is a gentle exfoliation, similar to microdermabrasion, but with less of the inflammatory side effects and then of course, we are always excited about bringing in new tools. I also plan to bring in some DIY products that will be used in my services that will be sent home with clients to play with which we are all really excited about.”

Photo by: Lisa Munoz / Social Communications for I Love You Pink


I Love You Pink adores twist scarves!



The 3rd Annual I Love You Pink & Pete Reid Law Party


Please join us on Sunday June 23, 2013, 6-9pm, for an evening of Supermoon fun bringing together the friends and clients of I Love You Pink with the friends and clients of Pete Reid Law. As the renovations are finally completed, we will also be celebrating the opening of the all new I Love You Pink Hair Salon!

The party will be held from 6pm-9pm and there will be a charity prize drawing at 8pm, with proceeds this year benefiting the Tsarang Buddhist Nunnery Water Project.
There will be lots of prizes and two coveted grand prizes: $2000 worth of Pete Reid Law representation, and Free Farah Hair for a year!

We hope to see you there.

I Love You Pink – Lovely Hair and Make-Up by Farah Reid, Tisa, Georgia, Kacy, and Adrianne.

Pete Reid Law, PLLC – Business Litigation, Property Litigation, and Sports Law in Austin and NYC.